Wedding Entertainment

Something that Clark shares with engaged couples all the time is that whether you are planning an engagement party, rehearsal dinner or wedding reception; there are a couple key areas having a magician in your back pocket can make all the difference.

As with all his clients, Clark will strive to make your wedding event one you and your guests won't soon forget.



After your vows have been exchanged and the ceremony completed you and your new better half will be whisked away for photos while your guests make their way to the cocktail hour and await your entrance.  While you and your photographer are busy gathering with family for each portrait, your guests are more likely to be forming small groups with only the people that they know or came with and wondering how much longer it will be until the food is served. This is where a great magician can make all the difference.  

Imagine instead, that your guests are greeted to a display of showmanship both that astounds and evokes wonder like no DJ or band ever could.  While one group of friends is entertained with magic, other groups will gather around for a better view.  As the magic concludes with one table and moves on to the next, guests will still be talking with one another about what they had just witnessed.  Bride's side and Groom's side alike will now have a common bond in which they will share for the entire night.  Acquaintances will reconnect, new friendships will form, maybe even a new couple will meet.  


This all happens because magic is more than just tricks and surprises, it is a social experiment that connects its audience with a common belief that anything is possible. 


First and foremost, a magician's job during the reception is to NOT to take attention away from the happy couple but to help them ensure that no guests leaves feeling that they were overlooked.  

Clark will re-engage guests who might be reaching a lull in conversation so that the party atmosphere remains lively and joyful (as it should be).  Because not everyone attending your wedding will want / be able to dance, he will easily add to these guests' experiences through entertainment that comes to them.    


As your magician, Clark will be another one of your day of assistants when it comes to wrangling in your guests to the speeches, cutting of the cake, and the bouquet toss.  He will casually end his performance and point guests to the right place so that they will not miss a thing.  A great magician will also work hand in hand with your photographer to pull crowds in for a group photo so that you can rest assured that you will receive snapshots to remember everyone that shared in your special day. 

Prior to the event Clark will walk you through just what you and your guests can expect so that you are happy and comfortable that your attendees will be talking about your amazing wedding for years to come.